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Our world-class musicians and arrangers will add the sound you desire for your music, at the best price.

Xtrings has the best price/quality in live strings recording services worldwide, from a violin solo to a complete string orchestra. Contact Xtrings Today for a free quote. You will be glad!

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We work in three esase steps:


Send your song or files

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If you are new to Xtrings, we will guide you throughout the process. You can be sure the string files you’ll receive will fit perfectly in your session, ready to mix. No surprises!
Tuning and timing are our very best distinction.
You will have also several options to plan your session with us, as well as payment methods.
And if you are a Xtrings habitué… well, you already know! Send your files and we will reach you with our best price.


We do our thing

Xtrings Studio speciality is recording strings. We have a BIG room capable of accommodate up to 60 musicians, with very hight ceilings to achieve a perfect string sound.
If you need the arrangement Pedro Alfonso will do it for you. Pedro has a vast experience and knowledge as a composer and arranger.
Then, we call a session and record your strings. The whole process will take no more than a week.
If you send the music for us to record, it can be done in just 3 or 4 days.


You get Xtrings!

When the recording and editing is complete, Xtrings will send you a personalized email with all the files ready to download. We can send a stereo mix but also separate stems.
The strings will be ready to be incorporated in the mix session and your music will have a very unique, vibrant Xtrings sound!

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Find here additional information about Xtrings
Where is Xtrings located?

Xtrings Studio is in Miami, Florida, United States. Our address is: 12625 SW 134th Ct. - Suite # 201 - Miami Fl. 33186 -- Telephone: 786 250 1213 and 786 332 6034

What guarantees does Xtrings offer?

Our studio offers a complete satisfaction guarantee: if we make any mistake recording your arrangement, we will record it again at no cost.

Can you send a copy of the strings arrangement made by Xtrings for my project?

Of course! Arrangements made for recording at Xtrings are not "printable ready" but for a small additional fee we can make a beautiful PDF copy.

How do I know that I will like Xtrings work?

We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee: if we make any mistake recording your arrangement, we will record it again at no cost. You can listen to our work and check our credits out in this web site.

What's Xtrings cancellation and refund policy?

Sessions purchased online can be cancelled any time for a quick and full, 100% refund of your money. After one month of the purchase date we will have to keep a 3% Paypal fee.

May I be present at the recording session(s)?

Yes, our clients are more than welcome to Xtrings Studio.

It is possible to video-record the recording session?

We do not allow video recording of Xtrings sessions without previous consultation. Please contact us for that matter before bringing a camera! We also offer a professional solution for that at a very low fee.

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For all your recording needs

Xtrings and Pedro Alfonso have a discography of more than 400 mayor-label albums as strings producers. Our distinctive sound has been incorporate in many Grammy & Latin Grammy award winner productions.
Xtrings Studio is mainly focused in strings recording, from a violin solo to a complete string orchestra, but we also record wood instruments, brass sections, piano, drums, vocals, etc. Our large recording room can accommodate up to 60 musicians!
We also compose and record film and theater music tracks and produce for several independent labels an artists.
We would like to work with you: Xtrings can make your music come alive!
Other Xtrings Services are:
- Multi-camera set for live or recorded TV or internet infomercials, talk shows, etc.
- Music videos and EPKs production.
- Rehearsal studio for professional bands.
- Web design and development, mainly for artists.
- Music and Theater advanced lessons.
- Live concerts with "all-included" tickets sales for up to 60 people/audience and audio (multi-tracks) & multi-cam video recording availability.

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The Studio

Xtrings Studio's address is:
12625 SW 134th Ct. Suite # 201 - Miami, FL. 33186
Tel: 786 250 1213