What makes us special?
Classes are conducted at Xtrings, a studio where string orchestras are recorded. The main "classroom" is a hall of more than 1,000 square feet.
Music lessons are directed and supervised by violinist Pedro Alfonso, CEO of Xtrings, who has a recognized musical career. Professors at Xtrings are all first-level musicians with extensive experience in the art of teaching.
We provide weekly, individual and group classes. That way the students get the technical and musical skills while performing  also in small ensembles with other students. Advanced students may be invited to participate in professional recording projects conducted at Xtrings.
Periodically we make a professional audio and video recording on the student progress as well as the ensembles. These videos may be incorporated, with the authorization of the student (or parents), to our YouTube channel and other social networks. These events provide pupils with further incentive to practice and excel and can have a positive effect on a student's sense of accomplishment. The cost of recording and editing this material is covered by Xtrings.
We offer a lounge or waiting area for parents or relatives, with coffee, internet and closed TV system to see live classes.
We do not require a contract. Sessions are reserved in packs of classes. Packages must be reserved at least one day prior to the last pre-paid class.
We offer lessons for all Musical Instruments, Improvisation, Composition, Ear-training, Voice and Acting.
Xtrings has security cameras and video recording continuously in all classrooms and open spaces.
For children students, classrooms have a video system that will be in constant communication with parents, through their mobile phones or computers.
Xtrings lessons start at only 25.
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For all your recording needs

Xtrings and Pedro Alfonso have a discography of more than 400 mayor-label albums as strings producers. Our distinctive sound has been incorporate in many Grammy & Latin Grammy award winner productions.
Xtrings Studio is mainly focused in strings recording, from a violin solo to a complete string orchestra, but we also record wood instruments, brass sections, piano, drums, vocals, etc. Our large recording room can accommodate up to 60 musicians!
We also compose and record film and theater music tracks and produce for several independent labels an artists.
We would like to work with you: Xtrings can make your music come alive!
Other Xtrings Services are:
- Multi-camera set for live or recorded TV or internet infomercials, talk shows, etc.
- Music videos and EPKs production.
- Rehearsal studio for professional bands.
- Web design and development, mainly for artists.
- Music and Theater advanced lessons.
- Live concerts with "all-included" tickets sales for up to 60 people/audience and audio (multi-tracks) & multi-cam video recording availability.

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The Studio

Xtrings Studio's address is:
12625 SW 134th Ct. Suite # 201 - Miami, FL. 33186
Tel: 786 250 1213